Laptop With Six of The Most Destructive Computer Viruses Sold For $1.3 Million

The computer deliberately infected by six famous viruses before being auctioned was finally auctioned at a price of 1.345 million US dollars. This device had been contaminated by viruses, like WannaCry and ILoveYou, for an artistic creation.

The identity of the buyer of this Samsung-branded computer from 2008 remains unknown.

It is in the framework of a creation of the Chinese artist Guo O Dong that the computer was infected by the viruses WannaCry, ILoveYou (a computer worm in the form of an electronic love letter), MyDoom, SoBig (a computer worm that has been circulating by email since 2003), DarkTequila (a malware that mainly affected South America) and BlackEnergy (which caused a major power outage in 2015).

A computer rendered harmless

To carry out his project, called “The Persistence of Chaos” (New Window) (the persistence of chaos), Guo Dong O collaborated with cybersecurity company Deep Instinct, which ensured that the six viruses on the computers can not be exploited for malicious purposes.

The computer has been completely isolated from any computer network to make it impossible to spread the malware. And the internet connectivity of the device will be disabled before it is shipped to its buyer.

The terms of the sale state that the device may only be purchased for artistic or educational purposes.

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